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The Ultimate Jira® app

This app will change the way you used to plan your projects. The biggest benefit is providing add-hoc analysis regarding project status estimations - all based on the actual data from Jira®

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We have released the ultimate app for Jira®. It will change the way you've been used to plan your projects! It enables automatically generated project plans, without tiring, endless meetings - all based combination of available data in Jira®.

Easier, planning & prediction

Imagine how much time will this app, that automatically generates on-line reports available to anyone without needing to represent the data you actually see - automatic reports are simple as that!

Team collaboration

All this fosters collaboration between business side of the project and development - and takes it into the next level. Input data based on Saved Filter or JQL query considers the actual speed of the team, historical issues and helps to predict the ongoing projects. You have to try how easy it is to use to actually believe it!


List of improvements for the latest version of the app can be found in the documentation section.

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